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Below is a simple overview of the services that we offer.  Feel free to browse our website for more in depth information about the many more services that we offer as well.

IT Consulting

Whether you are putting together a new network or expanding an existing one, we can make recommendations regarding workstations, servers, routers, switches and firewalls.  But not only will we make great suggestions for what you need, we can tell you what you don’t.  In certain situations these days, you can replace a $5,000 server with a $1500 NAS.  Don’t buy what you don’t need.

Active Directory / Domain Re-organization

Over time, network organization can become a tangled mess of groups, profiles and privileges.  We can sort it out and ensure that your users have access to the assets they need.

Disaster Planning and Recovery

Any professionally designed and maintained network will have a contingency plan in place for the rapid recovery of workstation and server functionality.  We can develop an image / restoration process to minimize downtime in the event of the unforeseen.

Virus and Malware Removal

Still one of the most common workplace headaches, viruses, spyware and unwanted “optimizer” software can cause anything from a nuisance to complete loss of functionality.  We specialize in scraping the gunk from your hard drive and getting the system tuned and optimized.

Servers and Workstations

As an Authorized HP Partner, we get the best pricing on new network hardware.  But we can also show you how to get the most from your existing assets, speed up network traffic and keep everything flowing smoothly from one end to the other.

HIPAA and EMR Specialists

Our lead engineer spent 16 years as the IT manager for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and another six with St. Luke’s.  There is no aspect of medical-related network technology and medical record processing protocol that we are not expert in.

Corporate Anti-Virus Solutions

For larger networks, anti-virus efforts demand a deployment strategy and a mechanism to update virus databases on a daily basis.  Partnered with some of the biggest names in the AV industry, we can help you find and maintain an affordable solution.

Remote Monitoring

Wouldn’t it be comforting knowing that your network is being watched and maintained every single day by an expert who can see the status of literally dozens of performance metrics with the push of a button?  You may not need a full-time IT person when you can have one overseeing it on a daily basis.

Patch Management

Patch Management goes hand-in-hand with Remote Monitoring.  Don’t deploy every software update to every machine right away.  Deploy it on one machine, see how it responds and then push it to the rest of network.

Network Cabling / Cat5 Cat6

We offer competitive rates on the installation of cabling infrastructure.  Whether it’s an office space or an industrial manufacturing facility, we can save you money when it comes time to run Ethernet cable. We can also upgrade standard 10/100 network connections to gigabit or even 10 gigabit in order to future proof your infrastructure investments. Light fixtures, power outlets, general wiring too.

Network Security

Like data backups, many people treat network security like an afterthought. Let us perform an end-to-end security audit to make sure that your plan is adequate.

Control Employee Internet Use

One of our most requested services, many companies want to keep employees focused on their jobs by limiting their web surfing abilities at the workplace.  Sites can be blocked wholesale or you can deploy internet access monitoring software.  Workers tend to be less distracted when they know the boss can see wherever they go on the computer.

Video Surveillance

These days, you can install video surveillance equipment at the workplace and then monitor the cameras right on your cell phone, day and night.  That way, management can be a presence even when they are not on the premises.  Let us design a solution that fulfill your needs; even just a few cameras can make a difference in the work ethic atmosphere. Does wonders for insurance rates, too.

Remote Access & VPN

We’re experts in Virtual Private Network technologies.  We can set you up so you can work from anywhere, with remote access.  For a more secure and comprehensive approach, a VPN is more robust solution.