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Network Design & Implementation

At Toms Computer Support, when we design your network architecture, we do not start at the proverbial drawing board. We start, instead, by speaking with your management team. We find out where you are headed as a business. At Tom's Computer Support, we always expect your network solution to align with your strategic direction, not the other way around.

After performing an inventory of your systems and network, we evaluate your current technology needs, and project the technology you'll need during the next five years. We design a solution that scales accordingly with the new demands we expect your business will place on your network environment.

Our Network Integration Architects follow our proprietary Enterprise Technology Solutions framework to design and implement a robust and scalable network that uses today's most advanced networking technologies (from such leading vendors as Microsoft, Novell, Cisco, Nortel and Hewlett-Packard) - and we design it right the first time, so you don’t have to revisit these issues in the future due to poor planning.

The architecture of your network shapes the present and future of some of your company’s most valuable resources: your data, your employees, and your time. By allowing the experienced professionals at Tom's Computer Support create this blueprint, you will secure your data, provide uninterruptible services to your employees, and save your time dealing with future network upgrades and hassles, leaving you open to focus on your other critical business functions.

Network Security

Remember the I Love You virus? It paralyzed more than 100,000 systems around the globe in 2000, and cost businesses an estimated $6.7 billion. Ouch!! That loss was the price that many paid for conducting business over the Internet unprotected. Today we have other names like Slammer, MyDoom, and most recently, the Conficker virus, which still has new variants being released today. Some of these viruses and worms multiply with astounding speed, with Slammer infecting 75,000 machines in ten minutes when it was released, and doubling its numbers every 8.5 seconds after that. These breaches in information security are no laughing matter, with thousands of new viruses and variants to combat being released every day.

With Tom's Computer Support, we help your business access the Internet without risk. We design and implement a security system and policy that protects your intellectual property, without interfering with worker productivity and without interfering with salespeople or business partners who access your business through a Virtual Private Network. With a mind toward problem prevention, instead of reacting to them after the fact, we will deploy e-mail scanners that prevent worms from spreading through your e-mail systems, and scheduled scans from a variety of anti-virus and anti-spyware programs ensure that any malware is promptly neutralized if mistakenly placed on a workstation.

Our team of engineers will design and deploy a robust firewall (combined with a proxy server if needed) that is scalable and reliable, and that protects your dedicated lines, multiple Internet connections and network servers from external or internal hackers, and any other unauthorized users. With Tom's Computer Support Network Security, you’ll be one step ahead of the security breaches, and you’ll sleep well at night knowing your critical information is secure.

BackOffice Servers

If you are like most growing small businesses, you need big business technology at a small business price.

With Toms Computer Support, we are experienced at designing and implementing the latest small business server solutions from Microsoft, which are designed to help you compete with your larger competitors at a reduced cost. These suites have all the applications that a standard office server has, without the cost of purchasing them separately.

Using our proprietary ETS framework, our engineers evaluate your business to determine the best way to align current technology with your business goals. We then propose a solution, and commence with the implementation. As always, the project will not be complete until we provide the necessary end-user training and support that comes with the deployment of a new system.

Choosing the right server and right software for your needs is an important decision, and our engineers are ready to guide you through these critical decisions to see that your hardware purchase meets all of your expectations and needs - without breaking the bank.

Network Integration

Eventually, even the most meticulously planned networks will need to be reworked and redesigned in order to accommodate for a changing business landscape and advancements in hardware.

New technologies come along. Others disappear. Your business grows. To avoid large capital expenditures for infrastructure replacement and unplanned network downtime, you need to integrate new technologies as you go.

Tom's Computer Support pinpoints technology that is obsolete within your infrastructure, or technology that will need to change in response to other software upgrades or management decisions. We then design and implement a replacement for that old technology that will remain functional and robust for the maximum life-cycle of the hardware. We identify areas of your network that you could expand or contract in order to make your workers more productive, your business more profitable, and use this information to turn an expense into a long-term gain.