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For IT services that your business can truly rely on, turn to Tom's Computer Support for all of your technical support needs. Tom's Computer Support is a leading provider of small to medium business IT services for companies in the Lehigh Valley. By focusing on small and medium business IT services, Tom thoroughly understands the requirements and budgetary limitations of these environments. This ultimately means that Tom's Computer Support will provide your business with more personalized structured business IT support. No longer does your business need to worry about technical glitches arising because with Tom's Computer Support, IT services are always just a phone call away.

Tom's Computer Support can assist you with projects large and small in the following fields

  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • Phone System Implementations including SIP Trunks
  • Router and Firewall implementations
    • Specializing in Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Improvements
  • and much more!

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